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Therapist: Sharon Harrison

Thai Yoga Massage


Thai massage is a powerful, comprehensive and truly holistic therapy. It includes pleasant muscle massage, as welll as deep pressure work along the energy lines, using acupressure, yoga, stretches and postures. It is a slow, calm, relaxing treatment which works on the energetic body helping to restore natural flow and harmony. Loose cotton clothing is advised.

£80.00 – Full treatment 2 1/2 – 3 hours or £55.00 – 1 .1/2hour



Reiki means universal life energy. This energy flows from the practitioner’s hand towards the body and it utilised to heal the skin, organs and immune system and to help rid the body of toxins, remove energy blocks and create a feelling of deep relaxation, bringing positive change to both mental and physical health.


£40.00 – 1 hour

Holistic massage


Holistic massage is a full body massage working and soft tissues using oils to bring a sense of physical, mental and emotional well being to the whole person. An ideal stress/tension relieving treatment, great for circulation.


£50.00 – 1 hour or £65 – 1.1/2hour


Also available back head and shoulder massage - £35.00 – 45 minutes

Indian Head Massage


Therapeutic head, neck and shoulder massage which creates a balanced feeling of peace and calm. Helps to eliminate muscle tension, relieve headaches, eye strain and improve scalp circulation.


£35.00 – 1/2 hour

Sound ‘Bath’


Experience sound journey to deep and peaceful relaxation, giving you the optimum space for healing. Using the magical Himalayan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls and Voice Toning.


£140.00 – 1 hour (for a group session)

For more information please follow this link:


Therapist: Sophie Kingsley

Sophie Kingsley ITEC dip, MCThA is a highly qualified & fully insured Massage Therapist & Reflexologist. She has been treating clients since 1999. Sophie brings her very comfortable state-of-the-art massage table with her which she sets up in a quiet spot in your home. After a short consultation to discuss any muscular aches, injuries or medical conditions you can simply relax in the comfort of your own surroundings & fully benefit from the treatment of your choice:


                                           Deep Tissue Massage

A deeply relaxing massage to help relieve muscular tension, reduce stress, improve circulation, boost your immune system, eliminate toxins, help you sleep better & give you more energy.


                                       Pregnancy Massage (after 12 week scan)

A soothing massage to help ease any muscular aches, discomfort & pain that may be experienced during & after pregnancy, reduce stress & help ease fluid retention, fatigue & insomnia, leaving you feeling revitalised. Massage is possible right up to & beyond your due date.

                                         Indian Head Massage 

A stimulating head, neck & shoulder massage that helps relieve neck & shoulder tension, finishing with a soothing face massage using pressure points & drainage techniques to help release facial tension & ease headaches & sinusitis. 



A powerful, holistic treatment based on the principle that there are reflex areas in our feet that correspond to all our organs, glands & parts of the body. Gentle stimulation of the nerve endings in our feet encourages the body’s own natural healing ability, helping remove energy blockages & restore balance. Reflexology reduces stress & tension, induces deep relaxation, increases our circulation & flushes out waste.

                                   (After 12 week scan if pregnant)


Monday ~ Friday: 9am to 6 pm

60 mins: £80             75 mins: £100            90 mins: £120


      A supplement applies after 6pm Monday to Friday & on Saturday 10am ~ 4pm 


Sophie can be contacted on: 

   07946 268217

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