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Please contact me anytime,whether it be to book a property or during your stay.

I am local and live in Camber.

Julie O'Shaughnessy


20 The Suttons,


East Sussex,

TN31 7SA.


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I first came to Camber at a week old. It was the beach most S.E.Londoners travelled to for day trips or holidays.We rented a house at Marine Villas(by the car park) and then Lantern Cottage on The Suttons, where we continued to stay year after year.


The cottage was tiny but somehow we all managed to squeeze in-three generations holidaying together.One of my favourite memories is my cousin and I helping with the donkeys on the beach,riding them over the sand dunes to and from their field at the start of Farm Lane.Sunday lunch served in three sittings.


Over the years we rented many houses on The Suttons.

Eventually while I was working abroad, my extended family clubbed together to buy one of the beach houses.It was here that I first bought my husband, intoducing him to the area too.


Fast forward a few years and after buying and renovating an old-fashioned cottage,we began to holiday-let our annexe.This was the start of our business.


I fell in love with Camber and Rye at a young age.That love is still with me today.

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